Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Tribute-EG TAVIS

In tribute to E. Gloria Tavis -political warrior and champion for cats everywhere-
pioneer of TNR and spay/neuter in South Florida-
lost to me Nov. 25, 2006
Pompano Beach, Fl.

Cat Mom

C. R. A Lido

Kittens melt in her hands
like snowflakes
succumbing to sincerity
fitting into the cup
of love she holds
out to them
peering over the edge
they recognize their safety
returning it with the compliment
of their trust.

And her teachings
go out like the mail
stamped from the heart
tenderness and tenderness
again and common sense
-she tells them
and care and care some more
but most of all
don't let that mathematical equation
begin to run loose

stop the kittens
before they start
then you will only have to
hold the ones
you have room for
and no more

In her next life
she will surely

be a cat.

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